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The Educators Declare movement is just beginning! Please share with your fellow educators to help it grow.

Lisa Field, Community Worker, Australia – 28/11/19

Shona Simpson, Special Education Teacher, Australia – 29/11/19

Therese Smith, Teacher, Australia – 30/11/19

Chay Khamsone, Environmental Educator, Australia – 30/11/19

Alexis Axam, Science Teacher, Australia – 30/11/19

Comment: Unite behind the science.

Kate Burton, Teacher, Australia – 30/11/19

Carley Elliott, Head of English, Australia – 30/11/19

Kirsteen Watson, Education Support, Australia – 30/11/19

Shannon Beck, Classroom Teacher, Australia – 01/12/19

Karen Boyd, Teacher, Australia – 03/12/19

Vivian Harris, Retired Primary Teacher, Secondary Science Teacher and Teacher Librarian, Australia – 03/12/19

Comment: I have attended all four global climate strikes and do a weekly climate strike on Fridays (last week was number 40). I am active on social media and in my local climate action group.

Vanessa Lane, Primary School Teacher, Australia – 03/12/19

Dana Pankhurst, Retired Teacher/Lecturer, Australia – 04/12/19

Richard Parncutt, Professor of Systematic Musicology, Austria – 04/12/19

Comment: See this publication:

Phoebe Barnard (PhD), Chief Science and Policy Officer, Conservation Biology Institute (and Affiliate Full Professor, University of Washington), USA, also Namibia and South Africa – 06/12/19

Comment: I’ve been working on biodiversity and climate change for 38 years as a scientist, strategic planner, professor and science-policy translator and (for 6 years) as a filmmaker too. I’m working mainly with policymakers and their policy teams, nonprofits, other academics and youth groups at the moment, and am one of the five core authors of the November 2019 “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency” which has 11,500+ scientist cosignatories from around the world. Thank you, educators for all you are doing to advance this tipping point! Let’s work together!

Pamela Davis, Associate Professor (Retired), Australia – 06/12/19

Eliza Blackstock, Teacher, Australia – 07/12/19

Rose Adejo, Conservation Biologist, Nigeria – 08/12/19

Janet Hood, Librarian, UK – 08/12/19

Erin Munavu, 1st Grade Classroom Teacher, USA – 08/12/19

Lucy Honan, Secondary English, History and Humanities teacher, Australia – 08/12/19

Donna MacKinnon, Retired Maths Teacher, Fill In Teacher, Australia – 08/12/19

Elizabeth Muldoon, Primary Teacher, Australia – 08/12/19

Marie Brennan, Professor, Australia – 08/12/19

Comment: It’s more than TIME

Ben King, Secondary Teacher of Geography, Physics, Business Studies, UK – 08/12/19


Jessica Grimes, Primary School Teacher, Australia – 08/12/19

Lucy Power, Environmental Educator, Scotland – 09/12/19

Mary Scully, School-Aged Care and Early Childhood Educator, Australia – 09/12/19

Cath Morse, Arts Educator, Australia – 09/12/19

Hamidullah Nikzad, Environmental Protection Director, Afghanistan – 09/12/19

Filipa Leal, Teacher High School, Portugal – 09/12/19

Michelle Sowey, Facilitator of Collaborative Philosophical Enquiry, Australia – 09/12/19

Comment: I’m part of Extinction Rebellion’s group of educators known as ‘Learning Rebellion’, and I participate in global and local online discussion forums about climate-related curricular and pedagogical issues.

I’ve co-convened the group ‘Community Philosophy and the Climate Crisis’, a global network of about 80 philosophical educators who support critical and compassionate conversations that help people understand the complex ethical issues at play within the climate and ecological crisis, and connect their considered views with achievable action.

My own organisation, The Philosophy Club, stands in solidarity with the students in the School Strike for Climate; with citizens whose nonviolent acts of resistance, disruption and civil disobedience are helping to overcome the inertia of our current systems; and with any government that takes serious action to curb emissions, restore the carbon balance and halt biodiversity loss.

I maintain a resource-sharing webpage where I freely share my own relevant lesson plans and resources, and provide links to other organisations’ climate-related education resources and online training programs. Visit

I wrote a blog post about how philosophy educators can contribute to climate action:

I’m keen to connect with other educators.

Sulaimaan Salim, Tutor, UK – 09/12/19

Michelle MacDonagh, Teacher of Mathematics, UK – 09/12/19

Ruth Shallcross, Primary Science Educator & Trainer, UK – 09/12/19

Liat Olenick, Science Teacher, USA – 09/12/19

María Angélica Mejia Caceres, Environmental Educator, Colombia – 10/12/19

Wayne Gibcus, Primary Teacher, Australia – 10/12/19

Kristen Simonson, Senior Science/Outdoor Educator, Canada – 10/12/19

Laura Robertson, Secondary School Teacher, Australia – 11/12/19

Comment: As an educator, I believe there is nothing more important than focusing on the climate crisis in the educational field. I commit to doing this for the remainder of my working life – for our future.

Hannah Robert, Senior Lecturer, Australia – 11/12/19

Bruce D. Watson, Trainer and Assessor, Vocational Education and Training, Australia – 11/12/19

Julie Baconnais, French Teacher, France – 12/12/19

Wadï Mami, Computer Sciences Educator (High School Technicians), Tunisia – 12/12/19

Robert Pickup, Social Science Teacher, Australia – 12/12/19

Grace Lockrobin, Community Philosopher, Academic Philosopher, UK – 12/12/19

Kate Halliwell, Primary Teacher and P4C Facilitator, UK – 13/12/19

Maxwell Kanotunga, Climate Change and Environmental Educator, Zimbabwe – 13/12/19

Heidi McElnea, Ethics Education, Australia – 13/12/19

Comment: As a stakeholder within the NSW Department of Education, I don’t advocate for students to skip schools, but I do encourage them to make whatever changes they can to make their schools more sustainable and their students future leaders.

Matic Kučevič, Biology Teacher, Slovenia – 15/12/19

Comment: Our school system needs to be changed. We have to start teaching the young generation about ecology, climate science, environmental protection etc. in order to preserve our future generations.

Dr Desmonda Lawrence, Lecturer, Australia – 15/12/19

Comment: Educators need to agitate for action, and to support students to manage the grief and trauma of the climate and ecological catastrophe.

Mary Thomson, Teacher, Australia – 15/12/19

Comment: Collective action like this is the only way to stop global warming. Thanks.

Andrew Alexandra, Senior Research Fellow (University of Melbourne), Australia – 16/12/19

Paul Turner, Head of Geography, UK – 18/12/19

Comment: Check out these Climate Breakdown teaching resources here

Kim Irene, Classroom Teacher, Special Needs, Australia – 18/12/19

Aine Mairead NicCharthaigh, Trainer, Ireland – 18/12/19

Rowan Tilley, Teacher, Australia – 19/12/19

Mark McCormack, Music Specialist – Primary Schools, Australia – 20/12/19

Joshua Burgess, Kindergarten Teacher, Australia – 20/12/19

Basil van Riet, Primary School teacher, Australia – 20/12/19

Paul White, Secondary Science and Maths Teacher, Australia – 20/12/19

Tash Cowles, Teacher, Australia – 20/12/19

Tanya Adams, Laboratory Technician, Australia – 23/12/19

Marilyn Snider, Global Education Advisor, Australia – 23/12/19

Comment: I am an advisor to schools, educational leaders and community on the effects of the changing climate on each of, and the interconnection between social, environmental and economic factors.

Meryl Batchelder, Science Teacher, UK – 29/12/19

Dan Boatright, Teacher of Geography and Geology, Chair of the Earth Science Teachers Association, UK – 30/12/19

Jessica Tipton, Secondary Teacher, School Sustainability Coordinator & Director of Advocacy, SOS-UK, UK – 02/01/20

Comment: As educators of future generations, we must both enable students to take action to address the climate and biodiversity crises and show them that universities, colleges, schools, education leaders, teachers and parents are all taking significant action.

Rex Walsh, Lecturer, Australia – 04/01/20

Comment: Please we need to act. Australia is burning.

Georgine Clarsen, University Professor, Australia – 04/01/20

Comment: There are no other options. Urgent action is needed now.

Peter Sainsbury, Retired Secondary Head teacher/ Honorary Assistant Professor (Nottingham), UK – 06/01/20

Comment: I am presently supporting UKSCN and Teach the Future initiatives in UK by contributing to new secondary curriculum ideas and meeting MPs recently elected in UK.

It is very necessary for teachers to become trained in climate issues and to press for this to be part of everybody’s curriculum, not something just for those who choose particular options.

Stephen Farnum, Science Educator, USA – 07/01/20

Alison Jales, Early Childhood Teacher, Australia – 08/01/20

Petra Meyer, International Consultant for Social-Ecological-Economic Analysis & Development, Germany – 09/01/20

Comment: Let’s go permaculture, every day a step more, care for each other and all species 🙂

Catalina Rembuyan, Pre-university and Secondary Educator, Singapore – 10/01/20

Comment: Let’s get the world rolling.

Anthony Gleeson, High School, Climate & Non Violent Direct Action Educator, Australia – 10/01/20

Comment: Thank you so much for taking this stand.
Being part of this dynamic movement to protect their future our students are going to learn so much about how democracy works (or doesn’t) and the reasons for it working (or not). After this, they are more likely to be active citizens & more likely to understanding the importance of acting for the greater good.

Margie Abbott, Adult Educator, Australia – 10/01/20

Comment: I will continue to do what I have been doing for 40 years since 1978 – organic school garden; numerous climate change workshops and retreats – Generation Waking Up and XR.

Nuurrianti Jalli, Senior Lecturer, Malaysia – 10/01/20

Lesley Walker, Teacher (Secondary and Primary), Australia – 11/01/20

Marion Cincotta, Casual Academic – University Lecturer, Tutor, Post Graduate Supervisor, Australia – 11/01/20

Samantha Belliere, Head of Divinity & Philosophy, UK – 13/01/20

Rachel Musson, Former English Teacher, now Director of Educational Social Enterprise, UK – 13/01/20

Comment: We need to recognise that building emotional resilience is a key aspect of responding effectively to the climate crisis and supporting young people moving forward. As educators, it is our responsibility to act to bring this sort of learning into the classroom, offering safe supported spaces for young people to talk about what is happening in the changing world.

Mandy Carlin, Teacher, Australia – 14/01/20

Stephanie Wescott, Teacher & PhD Candidate, Australia – 15/01/20

Cayt Mirra, Secondary Teacher, Australia – 15/01/20

Jessica Kraak, High School Teacher, Australia – 15/01/20

Joanna Pearson, Teacher of Science, UK – 15/01/20

Carol Hyatt, Semi Retired Teacher of English, Maths, Science, Literacy, Numeracy, Employability, Family Learning & Access, in Further Education and Secondary School Settings, UK – 15/01/20

Comment: I am now a UN CC teacher and have set up a local Climate Action Group, with support from Friends of the Earth and am embarking on tree planting initiatives with the local community and local schools.

I am undecided about school strikes. I am however totally committed to the need for action. I am living that commitment, with a 20% reduction in my family’s carbon footprint year on year, and setting up Penn Climate Action Group, which has permission to plant trees in two local parks. I am helping a local school to plant 1000 trees, have a lottery bid in with another school for money to be spent on environmental projects. I am an advocate for change at every opportunity. Having seen the pull that missing school can have, especially when the pressure is on for exam results, I want to protect children from feeling such pressure really, whilst empowering them to do so many other positive things to support positive environmental change and help stop global warming, whilst we have time.

Fiana Shapiro, Environmental Educator, USA – 16/01/20

MaryEllen Fetterplace, Educational Leader, Australia – 16/01/20

Chris Carmody, Retired Primary School Principal, Australia – 16/01/20

Michelle Mann, Special Education Teacher, Australia – 17/01/20

Rebecca Gluckman, Environmental Science Teacher, USA – 17/01/20

Cate Harding, Early Childhood Teacher, Australia – 18/01/20

Caroline Clason, Lecturer, UK – 18/01/20

June Shanahan, Retired Elementary Teacher, USA – 19/01/20


Melissa Howard, Earth Science Teacher, USA – 19/01/20

Comment: Our school began the year by joining the Climate strike. I know they are still meeting under the umbrella of “Leadership Council” but are very environmentally conscious. Thanks.

Correna Andrews, Science Teacher, USA – 19/01/20

Kelly Harding, High School Teacher, USA – 20/01/20

Susan Kelly, International Elementary/Primary Teacher, Sweden – 20/01/20

Kathryn Meneghin, High School Science Teacher, USA – 20/01/20

Alanna Hamek, Science Teacher, USA – 21/01/20

Jessica Shumack, Science/SEND teacher, UK – 22/01/20

Gemma Waters, Year 5 Science and Outdoor Education Teacher, UK – 24/01/20

Dr Kimberley Miner, Professor, USA – 24/01/20

Zoe Bullock, Secondary School Teacher, Hong Kong – 27/01/20

Vanessa Andres, Primary Educator, Australia – 27/01/20

Elinor Hasenfratz, Primary School Teacher, Australia – 28/01/20

Claire Dusting, Primary School Teacher, Australia – 28/01/20

Manjula Maddi Gurumurthy, Teacher ICT and Makerspace, India – 28/01/20

Sue-Ellen Hassler, Primary School Teacher, Australia – 28/01/20

Kristen McDonald, Teacher, Australia – 28/01/20

Andrew Rivett, Primary and Secondary Teacher – Biological Science, Australia – 28/01/20

Comment: We need to work together to build a more positive future for all.

Ellen Angus, Teacher, Australia – 29/01/20

Sarah Lockett, Primary Teacher, Australia – 29/01/20

Rachel Forgasz, Tertiary Academic, Australia – 30/01/20

Comment: I have turned the attention of all work possible to climate education & activism. I am grateful to be able to make this show of solidarity and commitment. I am currently working with teachers to use the framework to develop our skills & capacities as climate change educators and climate action educators.

Morgan Sundell, Folk High School Teacher, Sweden – 01/02/20

Barbara Sing, Science Teacher, Australia – 01/02/20

Mary Jane Else, Science Teacher, USA – 01/02/20

Robert Sharp, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Spanish Teacher, USA – 01/02/20

Mahbub Sumon, Science Teacher, Bangladesh – 01/02/20

Lelah Bender-Ferguson, Lecturer, Germany – 02/02/20

Comment: We are in a climate emergency… a controlled change of energy system is urgently needed. It will take an international cooperation and all younger people need to be educated re the absolute necessity of leaving fossil fuels behind and researching better implementation of sustainable energy , the drastic reduction of plastic usage and a moratorium on logging all old growth forests and the protection of all wetlands and oceans.

Rani Klubal, Pre-service Teacher, Australia – 02/02/20

Francois Bakamarhe Munganga, Biodiversity Conservation Educator, Democratic Republic of Congo – 03/02/20

Comment: Well, we think that sponsoring all actions for the climate change could be better, planting tree, reforestation, education during childhood.

David Jones, Geography Teacher, Australia – 03/02/20

Kim Johnson, Retired SEND Academy Principal & NAHT Past President, UK – 03/02/20

Dr Christine Greenhalgh, Lecturer in Public Health, UK – 04/02/20

Marilyn Olliff, Chair, Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre, Australia – 04/02/20

Yvette Gavalovic, Teaching and Learning Leader, Australia – 05/02/20

Paula McIntosh, Sustainability Educator, Australia – 11/02/20

Andrew Vance, Science Teacher, Australia – 11/02/20

Michelle Lowe, Teacher, Australia – 12/02/20

Jonathan Davies, High School Year Level Coordinator – 12/02/20

Jo Jepsen, Secondary Design Technology and Art Teacher, Australia – 14/02/20

The Chase School, Great Malvern, UK – 17/02/20

Comment: We declared our climate emergency last academic year, and are dedicated to raising awareness of climate breakdown, reducing our emissions as a school, and empowering pupils with the tools needed to make a change.

James Brooks, Teacher, UK – 17/02/20

Paula Malone, Primary Teacher, UK – 17/02/20

Comment: I am working with the council, local teachers and parents to establish a Schools Climate Network providing support, resources and training for teachers.

St John’s Marlborough, Marlborough, UK – 19/02/20

Comment: As a school we declared a Climate Emergency on January 31st 2020. Very pleased to join this group. Hope we get the opportunity to share and learn from each other.

Louise King, High School Geography Teacher, Australia – 19/02/20

Comment: I am passionate about teaching my students the facts behind climate change but also supporting their feelings of empowerment around climate action.

Alison Mitchell, Lecturer/Teacher/Course Coordinator, Australia – 20/02/20

Diana Pryde, EALD Teacher, Australia – 23/02/20

Comment: When I started my transition to retirement 4 years ago I started volunteering with The Wilderness Society because I was very concerned about what we are doing to our environment and our unique Australian animals and plants. We hold stalls, workshops, write letters and talk to our MPs about our concerns. It never seems enough to stop the destruction and the causes of global warming. It’s worth the effort as this summer we have seen the effects of just one degree of global warming here in Eastern Australia. Any more warming would be hell on earth!

I Czech, Home Educator/Climate Educator/Teacher, Eire – 24/02/20


Helder Pérez, Faculty Teacher of Biology, Honduras – 29/02/20

Comment: We have a moral obligation to take part.

Penny Allman-Payne, Secondary Head of Department, Australia – 29/02/20

Madeline Paterson, Online Education Manager, UK – 29/02/20

Sarah Burch, Director of Research, UK – 29/02/20

Julie Walkling, Director for Students, UK – 29/02/20

Teachers For Future Spain, Spain – 01/03/20

Miriam Leirós, Teacher, Spain – 01/03/20

Elena Ortega, High School Biology Teacher, Spain – 02/03/20

Rachel Mills, Lecturer in Animation, UK – 08/03/20

Jillian Dowling, Environmental Educator, Australia – 09/03/20

Australian Association for Environmental Education – New South Wales Chapter, New South Wales, Australia – 12/03/20

Philip von Schoenberg, Teacher, Australia – 20/03/20

Fiona Taylor, Classroom Teacher (Secondary), Australia – 22/03/20

Silvia Di Domenicantonio, Casual Teacher, Australia – 02/05/20

Emma Knight, Secondary History Teacher, Australia – 08/06/20

Comment: Developing resources to teach climate breakdown and solutions to History students, involved in XR Sydney and looking to build a network with other climate change educators.

Greening Burundi, Bubanza, Burundi – 17/06/20

Comment: Greening Burundi is an non profit organization of Young Volunteers more motivated and committed to fight against climate change.